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Tutorials, Tips, and Research

I've learned a lot over the years working as a costume technician, pattern maker, and sewing instructor, and now I want to share that knowledge with you!
On this page you can find links to all currently available tutorials in the form of free PDF downloads (pay what you want is also an option if you'd like to financially support this and future work!)

wix tutorial page thumbnail fractions copy.jpg

Converting decimals to fractions and back again is essential when doing math for sewing. This handy, one page chart contains all the fraction to decimal conversions you will ever need for all future sewing projects!

wix tutorial page thumbnail pleats copy.jpg

Formulas and Instructions for creating perfect knife and box pleats at any proportion! This tutorial contains step by step instructions for the math behind pleating fabric, and how to apply that math to make any pleated project possible.

wix tutorial page thumbnail circle skirts copy.jpg

Step by step instructions show you how to create patterns for three variations on a circle skirt: full circle, 3/4 circle, and 1/2 circle. Instructions include how to do all the necessary math (in this case simple geometry and a little bit of multiplication and division) in order to create precise and accurate patterns for any size.

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