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Bustle Era Undergarments

Complete set of historically accurate undergarments essential to Victorian fashions during the 1870s and 80s Bustle Era.

The first layer, worn underneath the corset and next to the skin, is a pair of cotton voile "Combinations". Combinations are literally that: a garment that combines elements of a chemise with a pair of drawers (thus eliminating bulk underneath the corset). Like all combinations and drawers from the 19th century, these combinations have a split crotch and full seat for ease of movement and bathroom access. The combinations button up the front, and are trimmed with lace at the neck, armscyes, and kneebands.

The light blue satin corset features a spoon busk, and is trimmed with cream satin, lace ,and a cream satin ribbon rosette. Boning channels and flossing are stitched with cream thread.

A red "lobster tail" bustle finishes the set, and can be used for styles during the early bustle era in the 1870s, and late bustle era in the 1880s. Red was a super popular color for bustles, although stitching was typically done in a cheap, un-dyed thread. and many bustles featured ruffles or scallops at the bottom edge.

Patterned, modeled, and rendered in Clo3d.

Clo and Marvelous Designer file (.zprj) of this project is available for purchase on my Clo Connect storefront!


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